This game is trippin!!!

A boss rush survival game where you attempt to survive and defeat all the bosses if you can....

Can also be downloaded.

The player changes color between blue and yellow. Shoot the right color to repel the opposing blocks as they keep coming closer. 

Shooting the wrong block makes them go faster.

If they reach you, the game is over.

The ? question mark signs are power ups which can lead to presents or sabotage. You can stack the power ups.


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There seems to be some bug. Sometimes when I click i don't fire anything and sometimes when I'm yellow and I shoot the blue it still counts.

And also I don't think you should have the powerup icon be a ? in the corner. I thought it was a help button.

I'm not sure if the player is actually moving around or if it's just the particle effects but it didn't make too much sense to me

However I loved the retro style you've got going on and I think the trippy effects are amazing! Definitely changed things up and made it a bit more challenging!

I couldn't figure out what should I do..

Sorry about that Ill update with instructions. I added instructions to the description though.

I recommend not to rely on the description, players may not read them.